The Role Of The Tracking Control System

- Aug 21, 2019-

The role of the tracking control system

TCS is very helpful to the stability of the car. When the car is driving on a slippery road, there is no TCS car. The drive wheel is easy to slip when accelerating. If it is the rear wheel, it will cause the tail. If it is before Wheels, the direction of the car is easy to get out of control, causing the car to shift to one side, and with TCS, the car can avoid or mitigate this phenomenon when accelerating, keeping the car in the right direction. In the application of TCS, it can be seen on the dashboard whether there is slipping on the ground. It has a control knob. If you want to enjoy the pleasure of your own control, you can turn off the system at the right time and restart the car. The TCS will automatically release. At present, the shadow of TCS can only be seen on some high-end cars, such as Honda mileage, logo 607, Volvo S80 and so on.