Top 24 Plus Products Effect After 3 Months Of Construction In Japan

- Jun 02, 2018-

Top 24 plus products, effect after 3 months of construction in Japan. The vehicle was parked outside for a long time in the wind and rain.

The test results are as follows:

1. Places where direct sunlight, such as hoods, trunk lids, sunroofs, etc., have a part of the loss, which is about 30% of the loss and a 30% reduction.

2, the side of the car, the effect of the door part still exists, only reduced the effect of 10%.

in conclusion:

Therefore, it is necessary to build more products in areas exposed to direct sunlight, and the effect will be more lasting. At the same time, if the owner is qualified, it is possible to carry out the construction of Top 24 plus once every time the car is washed. This can be achieved permanently and effectively.