Tubeless Tire Features

- Sep 01, 2019-

Tubeless tire features


Good safety: When the inner tube tire is running, the friction between the inner tube and the outer tube will generate a lot of heat, and the heat dissipation is insufficient, which may cause the tire to burst. Since the tubeless tire has no inner tube, there is no friction between the inner and outer tires, and the heat can be directly dissipated through the rim, and the heat dissipation performance is good, and the probability of the tire burst can be greatly reduced.

In addition, the inner tube tire leaks quickly after being punctured, and the tubeless tire has a gas-tight layer made of a special butyl rubber mixture, and the air leaks slowly after being punctured. In addition, a 2 to 3 mm thick rubber sealing layer for sealing the air is attached to the outside of the bead of the tubeless tire, which greatly improves safety.

Good economy: tubeless tires have no inner tube, reasonable structure, light tire quality and low rolling resistance. Tests have shown that the rolling resistance of tubeless tires is reduced by 10%, saving fuel by 2% to 3%. Tubeless tires have a more uniform grounding pressure and uniform tire wear, thus extending the life of the tire.

Good environmental protection: The tubeless tire has a large grounding area and uniform pressure, which can reduce the damage of the tire to the ground; the rolling resistance is small, which can reduce the exhaust emissions of the vehicle. Tubeless tires eliminate the need for inner tubes and padding, reducing the consumption of production and transportation resources. Tubeless tires have a long service life and reduce environmental pollution caused by large amounts of waste and treated tires.


It is difficult to repair on the way. In addition, the self-adhesive layer can be self-adhesive only when the perforation size is in a small range, and it is difficult to bond when the size is slightly larger; when the outside temperature is too high, the self-adhesive layer may soften and flow, thereby breaking the balance of the tire.