Two-stage Main Reducer Introduction

- Jun 10, 2019-

Two-stage main reducer introduction

For some heavy-duty trucks, a large reduction ratio is required. When driving with a single-stage final drive, the diameter of the driven gear must be increased, which will affect the ground clearance of the drive axle. Therefore, two decelerations are used. Often referred to as a two-stage reducer. The two-stage reducer has two sets of reduction gears to achieve two deceleration and increase torque.

In order to improve the meshing stability and strength of the bevel gear pair, the first stage reduction gear pair is a spiral bevel gear. The secondary gear pair is a helical gear.

The active bevel gear rotates to drive the driven bevel gear to rotate, thereby completing the first stage deceleration. The second stage decelerated active spur gear rotates coaxially with the driven bevel gear, and drives the driven spur gear to rotate for the second stage of deceleration. Since the driven cylindrical gear is mounted on the differential case, when the driven cylindrical gear rotates, the wheel is driven through the differential and the half shaft.