Type Of Torque

- Jun 09, 2019-

Type of torque

Torque can be divided into static torque and dynamic torque.

Static torque is a torque that does not change with time or changes very slowly, including static torque, constant torque, slowly varying torque, and micropulsation torque.

The value of the static torque is constant, and the drive shaft does not rotate;

The value of constant torque is constant, but the drive shaft rotates at a constant speed, such as the torque when the motor is stable.

The value of the slowly varying torque changes slowly with time, but the torque value can be considered constant in a short time;

The instantaneous value of the micropulsation torque has a small amplitude fluctuation.

Dynamic torque is a torque whose value varies greatly with time, including vibration torque, transient torque and random torque.

The value of the vibration torque is periodically fluctuating;

The transition torque is a torque change process when the machine is switched from one operating condition to another;

Random torque is an indeterminate, irregularly variable torque.