Type Of Valve

- Apr 11, 2019-

Type of valve

The valve is a self-contained valve body that, when opened, allows gas to enter the space of the tubeless tire or inner tube, and then automatically closes and seals the stored gas to create air pressure to prevent gas from escaping the tire or inner tube. In addition to solid tires, other tires or inner tubes that must be inflated need to be inflated using this device.

1, according to the use of: bicycle valve, motorcycle, electric car valve, car valve, truck bus valve, agricultural engineering vehicle valve, special valve and so on.

2, according to the presence or absence of inner tube points: tube valve tube valve and tubeless valve tubeless valve.

3, according to the assembly method: screw-on valve screw-on universal valve

, compact valve clamp-in valve and snap-in valve snap-in valve.

4, according to the size of the core cavity: ordinary core cavity valve and ordinary core chamber valve and large core cavity valve large core chamber valve.

5, according to the valve core points: British mouth dunlop / woods valve, American mouth Schrader valve, French mouth presta valve, German mouth and Italian mouth.