Understeer Preventive Measures

- Aug 24, 2019-

Understeer preventive measures

1. Tire pattern wear should be replaced in time, and ensure that the tire pressure is within the standard range and the left and right tire pressures are consistent.

2, pay attention to the vehicle when turning, you must reduce the speed, around the big bend, especially the rain and snow weather should pay attention.

3. Ensure that systems such as ESP and VDC are not turned off.

4, after the lack of steering, you must play more direction in a timely manner, you can take a little brake.

5. After the oversteer occurs, you must know how to “reverse” the steering wheel in time. It is best not to loosen the throttle. After the throttle is released, the vehicle leans forward and the weight is transferred to the front of the vehicle. The rear wheel grip becomes smaller and the oversteer is more likely to occur.