Ways To Reduce Smoke Emissivity

- Jan 06, 2020-

Ways to reduce smoke emissivity

The higher the content of combustible gas, carbon particles and carbon black in the flue gas, the greater its blackness. According to the principle of combustion, the way to reduce the blackness of the flue gas is to completely burn the fuel in the furnace. This can not only improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler, but also reduce the generation of black ash and reduce environmental pollution. For this reason, reducing the smoke blackness can be carried out in the following aspects:

(1) Select a suitable combustion grate structure;

(2) Select stratified combustion device;

(3) Popularize industrial briquettes;

(4) Evaporative combustion can be used;

(5) Adopting coal water slurry technology;

(6) Improve the level of operation and operation of the furnace worker.