What Are The Nutritional Values Of Cherries?

- Jun 18, 2019-

What are the nutritional values of cherries?

Cherry contains a lot of iron, often eat cherries can supplement the body's demand for iron, promote the regeneration of hemoglobin, prevent iron deficiency anemia, can effectively enhance physical fitness, brain and brain puzzle. Cherry is rich in nutrients, has the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach, phlegm and rheumatism, and regulating the vital energy. It is especially suitable for people with indigestion, rheumatism, and loss of appetite.

What are the nutritional benefits of cherries?

1, protect eyesight

Frequently facing the computer, the eyes need to look at the screen for a long time, which will consume the photosensitive material on the retina. If the relevant nutrients and vitamin A are not added in time, it will lead to decreased vision, photophobia, eye pain, and even Lead to night blindness, you can eat some fresh cherries at this time. The cherries contain a lot of iron and vitamin A, which is especially suitable for people who face computers for a long time.

2, beauty and accommodation

The nutrition of cherries is very rich. It contains vitamin C, carotene, phosphorus, sugar, protein and so on. It is higher than pears and apples, especially the iron content is very high. Wash the cherries and apply them to the wrinkles and the face to make the skin more white and white.

3, contraction and pain relief

Cherry can effectively treat burns and burns. It has the effect of preventing foaming and purulent pain, and can also treat severe frostbite.

4, hurricane wins wet

The cherry is warm and has the effect of supplementing the vital energy and removing wind and dehumidification, which can alleviate the pain of the waist and legs caused by rheumatism. The roots of cherry trees have strong insecticidal and insect repellent effects, which can effectively kill the worms and mites. In addition, during the epidemic of measles, children can drink cherry juice, which can effectively prevent infection, and the cherry core also has the effect of detoxification and rash.

5, blood

Cherry is rich in iron and is a raw material for synthesizing myoglobin and hemoglobin. It can effectively improve the body's immunity, improve energy metabolism and protein synthesis, and also has a close relationship with the body's aging, nerve function aging, and the brain. . Regular consumption of cherries can supplement the body's demand for iron, promote the regeneration of hemoglobin, and also prevent iron deficiency anemia, enhance physical fitness and brain and brain.