What Can We Offer About The Samples?

- Apr 07, 2018-

Our free simple is:

1、Si-701 glass coating of paint----one bottle (30ml)

2、Si-901 glass coating of paint----one bottle(30ml) 

3、Si-811 glass coating of paint----one bottle (30ml)

4、Si-02 wheel coating----one bottle (20ml) 

5、X-03 premuam top coating----one bottle(50ml) 

6、Sponge 3 


A total of three bottles of glass coating products, one bottle of wheels coating products, one bottle coating conservation and three sponges.

what we can offer are enough for you to apply three SUV you apply one layer. In addition, we can offer Si-02 Wheel coating . it can last for 3-5years in JAPAN.