What Causes Granulomas?

- Dec 08, 2019-

What causes granulomas?

1. Tumor-like theory Similar to reticular cell sarcoma or lymphoma, with tumorous hyperplasia and heterogeneous cells and dividing phases, without necrotic blood vessels and multinucleated giant cells. The disease is limited to the nose and the respiratory tract. By the end of the disease, all parts of the body such as internal organs, lymph nodes and bone marrow can show the same lesions, so it is very similar to the metastasis of malignant tumors. Some patients can be cured by radiation therapy, which is in line with oncology.

2. Allergic reaction or autoimmunity There is immunoglobulin deposition in the capillary wall, and immune complexes appear in the serum of patients during the disease active period. They are treated with immunosuppressive agents and disappear when symptoms ease. Immunofluorescence test found that C3 and lgG were found in the glomerulus and even the basement membrane. Electron microscopy showed that coarse particles like immune complexes were present in the basement membrane, and circular immune complexes were elevated; all were autoimmune diseases.

3. Bacterial virus infection theory Recent research found that bacteria and virus bodies were found in cell cultures taken from granulomatous tissues and in patient serum, so they are considered to be related to bacterial virus infection.