What Exactly Is Nano Coating?

- Jul 19, 2019-

What exactly is Nano Coating?

Let’s break this down. Nano ceramic coating stems from a trick created back in the 9th century in Mesopotamia. Ancient pottery-makers created a glaze with a glittery effect from combining copper, silver salts and oxides. The shimmery luster was used through the Renaissance was definitely distinctive for its time. The term coating’ is a modern term referencing the polymers used.

The polymers – or coating – attaches to the car’s paint surface, forming an inseparable bond. Most bonds, however, loosen over time. Creating the need to get a car recoated to ensure long-term protection. Some nano coatings do claim that their coatings never loosen, meaning you would need to buff your paint and take off part of the clear coat on your car.