What Is An Excellent Brake Fluid?

- Apr 15, 2019-

What is an excellent brake fluid?

1. The higher the boiling point, the better, lower evaporation. The boiling point is not lower than 205 ° C, when the car is driving for a long time, when driving at high speed or downhill, the temperature will be as high as several hundred degrees. The temperature of the brake fluid rises as the temperature of the brake shoe rises. If the boiling point of the brake fluid is not high enough, the brake fluid vaporizes, bubbles are generated, the brakes are soft, and the brake purpose cannot be achieved immediately, and the driving safety cannot be guaranteed.

2. Good rust resistance to various metals in the brake system. Generally, the brake fluid is highly corrosive, but the high-quality brake fluid has greatly reduced the anti-corrosion property of various metals, which can prolong the life of the brake oil pump. If the inferior brake fluid is added, the metal will be corroded quickly and the vehicle will be harmed. .

3, low temperature fluidity is very good, which is especially obvious in severe cold areas. The use of high-quality brake fluid is as sensitive and reliable as braking in cold weather. The use of inferior brake fluid has poor temperature performance and high freezing point. When the temperature is lower than -20 °C, solidification will occur, which greatly affects driving safety.

4. It does not corrode all kinds of rubber. After the use of high-quality brake fluid, the skin is seriously inflated and deformed. If the inferior brake fluid is used, the cup is easily deformed and deformed, causing the vehicle to leak oil and turn over when braking, causing an accident. The standard brake fluid expansion rate is generally within 0.1%-5%.

5. Long-term use without sediment. Brake fluid is used at high temperature for a long time. When the quality is unstable, it will thermally decompose and produce sediment, which also affects the braking performance.