What Is The Mechanism Of Car Ozone Disinfection?

- Feb 20, 2019-

What is the mechanism of car ozone disinfection?

Ozone is a strong oxidant and the sterilization process is a biochemical oxidation reaction. Ozone sterilization has the following three forms:

1. Ozone can oxidize and decompose the enzymes required to degrade glucose in bacteria, causing the TCA cycle to fail, resulting in the inability of ATP to supply the cells for life-activated activities, causing the bacteria to inactivate and die;

2. Directly interact with bacteria and viruses to destroy their DNA, RNA and organelles, destroying the metabolism of bacteria and causing bacterial death;

3. Through the cell membrane tissue, invading the cells, acting on the outer membrane of lipoproteins and internal lipopolysaccharides, causing the bacteria to undergo permeability distortion and dissolve and die.