What Requirements Should The Drive Axle Design Meet?

- May 31, 2019-

What requirements should the drive axle design meet?

1. The selected main reduction ratio should ensure that the car has the best power and fuel economy.

2. The outer dimensions should be small to ensure the necessary ground clearance. Mainly refers to the size of the main reducer as small as possible.

3. Gears and other transmission parts work smoothly and have low noise.

4. High transmission efficiency at various speeds and loads.

5. Under the condition of ensuring sufficient strength and rigidity, the stress should be small, especially the unsprung mass should be as small as possible to improve the ride comfort.

6. Coordinate with the motion of the suspension guide mechanism. For the steering axle, it should also coordinate with the movement of the steering mechanism.

7. Simple structure, good processing technology, easy to manufacture, easy to disassemble and adjust.