Wheel Development

- Apr 24, 2019-

Wheel development

The hub is a barrel-shaped, centrally mounted metal component that supports the tire in the tire interior. Also called rims, steel rings, cymbals, tire bells. The hub is available in a wide variety of diameters, widths, molding methods, and materials.

The largest number of wheel bearings for cars used in the past was the use of single row tapered roller or ball bearings in pairs. With the development of technology, car hub units have been widely used in cars. The range of use and usage of hub bearing units has grown to the third generation: the first generation consisted of double row angular contact bearings. The second generation has a flange for fixing the bearing on the outer raceway, which can be simply fixed to the axle by a nut. Make the maintenance of the car easier. The third-generation hub bearing unit is matched with a bearing unit and an anti-lock brake system. The hub unit is designed with an inner flange and an outer flange, the inner flange is bolted to the drive shaft, and the outer flange mounts the entire bearing together.