Why Choose KISHO Glass Coating?

- Jan 29, 2018-

Our advantage

1. We are Japanese factories. Crystalline plating products is originated in Japan, Japanese do things seriously to crystalline plating in Japan for more than a decade, products are mature, so the choice you can't deny the fact that we are. We will be shipped in Japan, real let you get a first-hand sources.

2, our product is stable, because Japan's raw material is globally recognized and most stable best. Therefore, we in the selection of raw materials is not beyond the other brand. At the same time, we have a professional R & D team and testing team, every day to test the product, so product performance is the most stable.

3, there is a price advantage. Because we are their own production, dealers are not, so you can get the most suitable price here we to facilitate your own promotion. Our purpose is to establish long-term cooperation, so little quantity. You don't have to worry about inventory Yahuo phenomenon to occur.

4, our cooperation in a flexible manner, you can choose the promotion of our products, can also do their own OEM OEM, we will give advertising promotional support.

5, our product crystallization speed, high temperature areas, 2 minutes will crystallize, the construction is simple, can meet the owner of the car quickly.

6, we can according to your requirements for you to produce special products you want, including hardness, durability, light intensity, including all requirements.