Xenon Lamp Introduction

- Apr 29, 2019-

Xenon lamp introduction

Niobium is an inert gas that does not normally react with other substances. 氖 emits an orange-red glow when it is discharged, and is used in a large number of urban neon lights. In addition, the test pencil used in daily life is also filled with helium gas, which is characterized by the use of xenon discharge light emission and large electrical resistance. When using the test pencil, the tip of the pen touches the circuit under test, and the hand touches the tail of the pencil to form a loop. The current flows from one end of the electric pen. After the helium gas, the current intensity falls to the safe range of the human body, and then reaches the tail and is introduced into the earth through the human body. When I saw the xenon window in the middle of the test pencil lit up in orange, it proved that the circuit being tested was energized well. In addition, helium is widely used in high-energy physics research.